(1). Nigeria Data Protection Regulation

Under the Nigeria Data Protection Regulation 2019(NDPR), there are certain occasions when CashMatrix by Asset Matrix Microfinance Bank Limited must obtain your explicit consent to use your information, known as Personal Data. Personal Data includes, but is not limited to your name, address, telephone number, email address, card details, and Bank Verification Number (BVN).
We would like to hold and use your information for the purposes set in the Data Processing Notice which requires consent in accordance with the Privacy Policy
As a result of this grant CashMatrix by Asset Matrix Microfinance Bank Limited consent to collect my name, official Government ID Number (ID Number), and photo image.

(2). Details Collection

I understand that CashMatrix by Asset Matrix Microfinance Bank Limited may share this information with a third-party service provider to validate it against a government source. I also know that the third-party service provider may use my ID Number to gather the following additional data on me:
While our clients sit back and relax, we initiate and complete the instant fund transfer based on the clients requests. and the beneficiary is paid instantly after confirmation of the necessary requirements.
Full Name;
Date of Birth;
ID Number;
Phone Number;
Bank Verification Number;
Government ID Expiry Date or other additional information associated with my ID Number that the Issuing Authority may provide.
I understand that this data is being used to confirm my identity. I know that this data may be processed or stored outside of the borders of Nigeria and I as a result of this consent to this.
I know that if I wish to change my preferences, request that my data be edited or deleted, or withdraw my consent at any time I must contact CashMatrix.